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In a mansion surrounded by mist, as the curse made by the Alchemist and Fairy reappears, the danger is quietly lurking in the darkness, awaiting its visitors. 
Follow the pair of uncle and nephew to unravel an incredible story in Mercury Abbey, and go on an adventure that you would only find in mystery novels.
【1】 Vintage pixel art and brilliant lighting

The game captured the essence of pixel art and partnered it with American comic-style illustrations. 

The Fossil Hall, Greenhouse, Labyrinth of Shrubs, Botanical Garden, Underground Cave… and many more scenes will bring you to a visual feast. The unique lighting technology creates an engaging atmosphere, presenting an unforgettable and immersive experience.

【2】 Classic cultural elements and a unique worldview

The game fused mystery novels' early works and incorporated the classic cultural elements from the stories into the game. This world is created with an imaginative worldview and personified animal (Furry) characters; everything about this world, from the social construct, the custom and legends to the relationship between the ethnic groups, is waiting for players to discover.

【3】 Intriguing stories

Bizzare things are happening in the mysterious abbey up on the mountain, and the curse of the Alchemy family is spreading everywhere. 

The legends of Fairies, a Society that only appears during midnight, guests who all came here with different intentions. An investigation out of curiosity has led to the discovery of inconceivable secrets. 

Clues dotted around the place will eventually join together to uncover the myths. Danger constantly surrounds our protagonists; how will they write the ending for this story...

【4】 There are many elements to collect and achievements to unlock

There are many things for you to collect, from character information to legendary stories, from collectable items to written notes and from pictures taken to gossip overheard. At the same time, exciting achievements are all over the place; each action and choice you make will take you one step closer to unlocking them. So be brave and try it out!


StatusIn development
Release date Apr 18, 2022
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
AuthorGamera Game
GenreRole Playing, Adventure, Puzzle
Tags2D, Furry, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese (Simplified)
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
LinksSteam, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Kickstarter


Mercury Abbey DEMO.rar

Development log


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Beautiful work!  Thanks for the demo. Looking forward to purchasing the full game on Steam. 

This is AWESOME! I just played all the way through the demo!!! Any news on the next version???

Woo! This cool!


Thank you :)))

Keep on being awseome.

I'm so excited about this game that I can't wait for its release. The demo left me very intrigued.

Will there be a version for Macintosh?


What an amazing demo! You've definitely got me hooked. I love how many interactable things there are just scattered about. Super excited to play the full version!


Great Demo BTW.
I decided to check it on STEAM, but idk if it was due the update, as it looks like (from reading previous comments about the same issue and it looked like it was solved at the time) that again the game is unnavaible on some regions. [ I'm from Brazil ]


I got the same message when i tried to play on steam rn (im brazilian too)


Wow! What a beautiful game


this is very promising, very well made game 

can't wait until full release.

Loved the art style, thks for the demo :)

Thank you for playing:)))

Holy this game is awesome so far, any estimateon whe the full game is going to be released? Already planning to purchase when it does


Hi! Thanks for playing! The game is now developing and will be release in 2022!

I'm playing on Linux and it is not made for that but got the light problem fix by running it in WINED3D.

I'm supporting this on Kickstarter and I just played the game and I love it.
here is my gameplay of the demo.


Thank you soooooo much for supporting the game:)

Love the Demo and i am looking forward to it. The Demo is really good and gives me good hope for the game itself.


Thank you for playing:))))

This game is awesome. Many beautiful detail, art, and don't forget about the music. I recommended for you to play.

Thank you:))))

I second what foxdev just said. I'm from Brazil and I also cannot access the game on Steam.

Hi AlyCatra, the game is now free to access in Brazil zone on Steam, enjoy the game:)


Hey. You need to add the age rating to your game on Steam if you want Brazillians to be able to check it out. Because of local BR laws we cannot buy or check out games if they don't have age ratings.

Hello foxdev, Mercury Abbey is free to play on Brazil zone now. Thank you!